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Pro 1 Lash Glue  (available in 5ml & 10ml)

What are the properties of our Pro 1 Adhesive?

  • 0.5-1 second curing time WATER-based adhesive. Black in colour Very versatile in different environments Works best in 50% -- 70% humidity, 65% is the best humidity.  Keep in refrigerator 15--25 Degree Celsius, no lower then 10 degrees
  • Shelf life once opened: 4-5 weeks 
  • Shelf life unopened: 4-5 months
  • 4-6 week retention

If refrigerating take out 30mins before lashing in advance. After each use clean the tip thoroughly before putting on the cap and keep lid tightly closed. 

For professional and external use only.  Do not use cotton or lint products when using this adhesive as it will cause a chemical reaction and may cause burns. 

*This product is flammable, keep safe at all times and out of children reach. If product comes into contact with skin and eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical attention. 

Store unopened in the fridge, and in a cool dry place once opened